Welcome to Decca Hardwood Company.  We have the most choices and value in wood flooring today.   We have been in Portland since 1996.  Our experience goes all the way back to 1960’s.  Most of Portland knows us as commercial installers who did most of the condominiums in the Pearl District, South Waterfront and Downtown Portland.  And now, we have a New Outlet Store in Newberg, where you can see all the products via our “Pallet Display Program”.  We rack out a full box of wood and show you every variation and color so there are no surprises.  No need to pre-order.  You get what you see.  Availability is shown on every pallet of what is in the showroom and our warehouses.   For do-it -yourselfers, we have unsurpassed experience and knowledge that we would love to pass on to you.  If installation is not your forte, we have highly experienced “in house” installers who can meet your installation needs.  So come and explore.  You will always find what you are looking for in wood flooring with Decca Hardwood Company.  Thank you.